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Our furniture customization (Shanghai FengChen furniture co., LTD) is the Shanghai furniture custom-made high-end furniture brand, aims to build the green environmental protection health new furniture. Furniture custom products design are mainly Europe type furniture, American furniture, Chinese style furniture, furniture of contemporary and contracted, southeast Asia furniture, furniture of Korean as well as the Ming and qing classical furniture and so on, main service object, villa furniture customization, customization example room furniture, hotel furniture customization, custom hotel furniture, KTV furniture customization, club custom furniture, restaurant furniture customization, customization, etc., and all kinds of civil furniture with professional spirit to provide "one-stop" whole house home design service, design of the product. Furniture, based in Shanghai, after decades of development, has become one of the Yangtze river delta region's largest producer of custom furniture, and in many domestic outfit design companies cooperation, become their furniture manufacturing supplies production base. Furniture not only focus on furniture outside of the beautiful, pay more attention to create a harmonious coexistence of people and furniture green home atmosphere, beautiful and practical, really realize the vision of furniture to have your cake and eat it.
Scene provides the following free service process:
1, communicate with customers the door quantity booking room, in-depth communication with the vendor, determine the style and size of furniture, for the owner to make intuitive layout;
2, according to customer requirements, provide for the owners furniture style, choose flower shape, color, structure, etc, to complete the space of a whole set of furniture design, and aims at the owner's family and the general layout, tailored for the owners, a fashion and personality;
3, budget quotation: according to the use of all materials, is used to estimate its full set of furniture quotation, and then complete the owner's custom furniture all the work. Is a service company, products include services, scene is in the business services. Commitment, since the delivery date, if the product in normal use ?
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